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Helping you turn
whole foods 
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Hello & Welcome

I'm an evidence-based practitioner ready to support you in your journey to improve your health.

Food is more than a calorie, a protein, a carb, or a fat. Food is nourishment, food is medicine, and let’s not forget, food is comfort. Together we will explore all of these roles of food in your life, and build a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable new way of eating tailored to you. 

Let's Work Together


Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage symptoms, or improve your relationship with food, my goal is to guide you towards practical strategies to add health supporting foods onto your plate.

Start with a free 15-min discovery call today.

Adults/Teens 14+

Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes (Type 2)

Digestive Issues

Family Nutrition

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Mindful Eating


Menopause Nutrition



Weight Management


Individual Nutrition


Community &  Wellness

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Supermarket Tours

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Video Courses

Fresh Vegetables

Sarah J., Age 36

Client Success Stories 

Working with Ellen has made me feel in control of my autoimmune condition for the first time since diagnosis over 10 years ago. She gave me the tools that allowed me the freedom to figure out what is best for my body and how it is affected by my condition. With Ellen’s help I now have a healthy relationship with food and know how to use it for optimal energy and overall health! Read More

What's for dinner?

Meal Plans

Whole food recipes developed and curated by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Try one meal plan free today.  No credit card required, no obligation to sign up.

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Fresh Vegetables

Bill S., Age 72

Client Success Stories 

I have been a diabetic for 28 years and have had a dozen nutritionists on my journey. But Ellen has been my nutritionist the longest by a long shot. I worked with Ellen to make healthy diet changes including preparing more food myself. With Ellen's guidance, my efforts have brought me into a new world of health and fitness. Ellen has given me hopes to be able to play with my great grandchildren. Read More

Health and Cooking Tips, Recipes, Events & More

Nutrition Bites

From the latest health news to cooking tips, I want to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.  Check our blog for regular updates, recipes, and upcoming events, or sign up to receive new posts directly in your inbox.

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