Corporate Wellness

Ellen Petrosino, MS, RDN & Chef Julie Harrington, RDN

Corporate Wellness Programs by Ellen and Julie offer a unique blend of nutrition education combined with a food experience including a live cooking demonstration and sampling of delicious, freshly-prepared whole foods.


Participating employees will gain nutrition knowledge, learn cooking skills and develop a willingness to try new foods. Each of these contribute to the development of health-supporting habits and promote sustainable behavior change.


As credentialed professionals, Ellen and Julie utilize evidence-based teaching techniques and best practices in the field of dietetics. Evaluation of goals and objectives is integrated into every program to measurably demonstrate employee gains.


Programs include stand-alone sessions or multi-week modules. Prices available upon request.

Contact me to discuss how we can best support you. 

Programs Include


Lunch and Learn
60 Minutes

Each program includes a nutrition lesson with slide deck, a cooking demonstration and sampling of two-to-three plant-based recipes featuring key foods important to disease prevention. In programs lasting 4-8 weeks, participating employees will demonstrate a measurable increase of confidence in their ability to select and prepare health-supporting foods, along with a willingness to try new tastes based on their experiences.


Sample Topics: Nutrition for Optimal Health, Nutrition 101, Mindful Eating, Transitioning to A Plant-Based Lifestyle



Tabling Events 
3 Hours

A theme-focused table targeting nutrition-related behavior changes through education, activities and a taste experience featuring plant-based recipes highlighting key ingredients important to disease prevention. The theme table, which is set-up in a high traffic area, increases engagement by allowing employees the flexibility to participate as their workday permits.


Sample themes: Rethink your Snack, Build A Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Eating on the Road


On-Site Counselor for a Day
8 Hours

On-site nutrition counseling sessions (45-minute sessions) available to employees for one day. This program requires the availability of a private room with a door in order to ensure HIPAA compliance. Appointment pre-registration is required.

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