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Client Testimonials
My clients come from different walks of life but all are on journey to building health first.  No client story is the same.  No solution is the same.  

From weight gain to high cholesterol to autoimmune disease -- I start by listening very closely to identify concerns and barriers without judgement.  Together, we build a custom, sustainable strategy that fits your personal goals and lifestyle.  Read the success stories of my clients below and start your own journey today with a free consultation!

Working with Ellen has made me feel in control of my autoimmune condition for the first time since diagnosis over 10 years ago. Having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis has meant a constant struggle with energy and weight since day one.  Every article you read or doctor you see has a different opinion on how diet does or doesn’t impact your condition.  Ellen gave me tools that allowed me the freedom to figure out what was best for my body and how it is effected by my condition.  I was not Hashimoto’s to her. I was her patient who had goals and also happened to have Hashimoto’s.


With Ellen’s help I now have a healthy relationship with food and know how to use it to best fuel my body for optimal energy and overall health.  Using the tools Ellen gave me I have lost almost 40lbs and for the first time I am actually keeping the weight off. She doesn’t have you focus on counting calories or depriving yourself of things you love, but helps you to make healthier choices, fuel your body so that you don’t get the unbearable cravings and to not consider food a reward but fuel so when you enjoy one of your favorite indulgences you do so responsibly.

Sarah J.  Age 36 

Autoimmune Hashimoto's, Weight loss, Positive relationship with food

I have been a diabetic for 28 years and have had a dozen nutritionists on my journey.  But Ellen has been my nutritionist the longest by a long shot.  She became my nutritionist  at a time when my exercise program was negatively affecting my blood sugar. I also needed her help in making sure I was getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals.  I worked with Ellen to make healthy diet changes including preparing more food myself.  With Ellen's guidance, my efforts have brought me into a new world of health and fitness.  Ellen has given me hopes to be able to play with my great grandchildren.

Bill S.  Age 72 

Type 2 Diabetes, Healthy Lifestyle

Salmon Dish

R.D., Age 45

Client Success Stories 

Working with Ellen has given me the tools to a healthier lifestyle and has set me on a positive journey! I'm feeling stronger every day in the food choices I make.

I started seeing Ellen in mid 2019 due to various health issues. I was overweight, glucose, A1C, cholesterol levels were above normal.  Ellen was what I needed to get on track.  I had finally found someone who was able only to help me understand about diet and nutrition, but also explain it to me so that I understood it.  I had spent years trying various diets, but never keeping the weight off.  Once I understood the problem, the weight came off.  It has not been easy, and yes, I cheat but as I’ve learned it’s OK to cheat as long as you continue to make the right choices in the long run. As of today, I am down 74 lbs, and all my blood levels are within the normal range. I walk daily and I run 3x a week – I can now run a 5k.  Something I couldn’t do in 2019. I cannot thank her enough.

Barbara H. Age 48

Elevated blood glucose, A1C and Cholesterol, Weight loss

Working with Ellen has totally changed my relationship with food.  I can now eat the things I want and maintain the body I want without feeling guilty.  She helped me see that it’s all about finding the balance and what works for you!  Through our working together I have exceeded my weight loss goal and have now lost 25lbs! If I can do it, you can too!

Amanda S. Age 22 

Weight loss, Positive relationship with food 

I have been working with Ellen to help me get healthy. She has taught me how to look at food differently. I now know what to eat to do that. Because of Ellen my diabetes is in remission and my cholesterol is under control. I have lost a lot of weight and know how to keep off. Ellen is very kind and supportive and always gave me 100% support.

Dena D. Age 61                                          
Diabetes 2, Hypothyroidism, High cholesterol Overweight.

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