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Whether your goal is weight loss, building a healthier diet, or if you are seeking medical nutrition counseling for a health issue, the best way to get started is to schedule a free 15-min discovery call.Together we will discuss your goals and concerns and ways that I can support you. 

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Individual Nutrition Counseling 

In our personalized sessions, we will discuss your nutrition-related goals, the foods you enjoy and the demands of your life. But that is just the beginning.


The core of our work will be about how to get that food onto your plate. We will develop strategies to plan your week, shop, stock your pantry, prep, and batch cook. All of this with the support of recipes, online journaling, and meal plans curated by Registered Dietitians. 

Fresh Vegetables

Sarah J., Age 36

Client Success Stories 

Working with Ellen has made me feel in control of my autoimmune condition for the first time since diagnosis over 10 years ago. She gave me the tools that allowed me the freedom to figure out what is best for my body and how it is affected by my condition. With Ellen’s help I now have a healthy relationship with food and know how to use it for optimal energy and overall health! Read More




Corporate & Community Wellness Programs

A unique blend of nutrition education combined with a food experience including a live cooking demonstration and sampling of delicious, freshly-prepared whole foods. Programs tailored to your needs.  Learn More

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