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I provide clients with evidence-based nutrition recommendations paired with practical strategies of HOW we  translate this information into meals and snacks without turning your life inside out.

  • Have you recently experienced a shift in your health markers such as a rising trend in labs like elevated cholesterol, triglycerides or your A1C?


  • Or are you experiencing digestive issues such as acid reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or symptoms related to IBS? 


  • Have you been struggling weight gain, and on-again/off-again restrictive diets that leave you feeling that you don’t have enough will-power?


  • Are you motivated to make changes, and are looking for a way forward that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed?

I'm here to help.

Hi, I'm Ellen Petrosino, MS, RDN, a second-career dietitian.


After a career of 10+ years as a fundraiser in the not-for-profit world, I stepped out of my work life to raise my 3 children. As the years went on, the challenges of how to best provide a healthy diet for my family, along with understanding my changing metabolism as I moved into mid-life, motivated me to return to school, at the age of 45, to pursue a degree in food and nutrition. 

In 2017, at the age of 51, I became a certified registered dietitian nutritionist and opened my private practice, which is located today in Warren, NJ. My passion is working 1:1 with individuals to guide you toward building practical strategies around HOW you can translate evidence-based recommendations into everyday meals and snacks without turning your life inside out.

Central to my approach is the belief that food is more than just a calorie, a protein, a carb, or a fat. Food is nourishment, food is therapeutic, and let’s not forget, food is comfort. All of these need to be part of the conversation to build a sustainable, healthy eating lifestyle that seamlessly fits into your daily life, whether you're at home, work, socializing, or facing a hectic day.

While we may spend some time discussing foods to moderate - for example portion sizes if weight loss is a goal, or saturated fat if cholesterol is a concern. We don’t spend a lot of time here. Focusing on what you 'can't' have often creates a feeling of restriction, deprivation and even a little resistance - not an ideal recipe for long-term change.

We will spend the majority of our time learning about the foods to ADD to your plate - mostly whole foods. Why? Consistent evidence suggests that dietary patterns centered around these foods tend to be moderate in calories, higher in fiber, essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Moreover, filling at least 75% of your plate with whole food plants can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


What does that look like for you? That's where our exciting food conversation begins. Whether your concerns are health or weight related, or around a specific dietary pattern such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free, we draw out the foods that can help you move forward with your goals, deliciously. 


Together, we'll create small goals around how to get these foods into your shopping cart, and how to prep ingredients and cook simple meals. We will also problem solve difficult to navigate situations to remove past barriers to success. The result is less brain drain around making food choices, and sustainable change that leads to results.


In 2022, my fellow RDN, Elisa England, and I co-founded the Nourish and Thrive Nutrition Center in Warren, NJ. Together we go out into our local community to provide in-person programs along with a culinary demos centered around building participants' confidence in the kitchen to make health supporting foods easy. Explore my Community Wellness Programs page for more details."

Ellen Petrosino, MS, RDN, IFNCP

Nutrition Experience

  • Co-founder, Nourish and Thrive Nutrition Center, 2022-present

  • Ellen Petrosino Consulting, LLC, private practice, 2017-present

  • Community and corporate wellness presenter for Bernards Township Health Department, Crossroads4Hope (formerly Cancer Support Communities of New Jersey), Diabetes Sisters, Somerset County Health Office, ​CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis) among others

Nutrition Credentials

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), 2017

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP)

  • ServSafe Certified

​Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Dietitians for Integrative and Functional Medicine

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy

  • Institute for Functional Medicine

About Me
Salmon Dish

Cindy, Age 58

Client Success Stories 

I contacted Ellen six weeks ago for help with menopausal weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, and negative body composition changes. She addressed every question that I had, and helped me to formulate goals, while providing me with the strategies I needed to reach my goals. Read More

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