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Meal Plans

In today's fast paced world, planning healthy meals can be a challenge. That is why I am proud to offer you Living Plate Rx Meal plans - whole food recipes developed and

curated by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.


Each week you will receive delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy to shop for and prepare, delivered straight to your inbox.


A smart grocery list keeps track of everything you need to buy, and valuable coupons from health-focused brands provide instant savings.

(Grocery delivery is coming soon!)


Prices start at just $7 a month for static plans,

or $9 a month for customizable plans.

Sign up today for a free 3-day trial. 



3-Day and 5-Day

Weekly meal plan aimed at stabilizing blood sugar, maintaining a healthy weight, normalizing hormones, and reducing inflammation associated with many chronic diseases. This plan is gluten-free.

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan


28-Day Refresh

4 weeks of recipes to get your metabolism humming along. Colorful non-starchy vegetables are the stars of this meal plan to provide optimal detoxification support. This plan is gluten- and grain-free, light on dairy & beans and incorporates high quality plant-based fats. 

Plant-Based Vegan

Plant-Based Vegan

3-Day and 5-Day

These plans contain 100% plant-based recipes that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients known to be anti-inflammatory. Recipes are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant proteins making them nutritious as well as delicious. 

Simple Eats

Simple Eats

This plan is completely customizable and contains fresh, canned, frozen and pantry staples, with minimal ingredients and easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels. Each week you will receive three days of suggested recipes along with a library of thousands more to add to your plan. 

How does it work?

Watch the 2 minute "Quick Start" video to get the most out of your meal planner 


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