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Supermarket Tours

Supermarket tours with Ellen Petrosino, MS, RDN 

are designed to help you feel more confident navigating

the never-ending aisles of food products to make better food product choices to support your goals.

Healthy eating starts with smart shopping! Together we will identify healthy foods in the form that works in your life - fresh whole produce, store-prepped meal kits, frozen and canned options for veggies, fruit, plant and animal proteins, and whole grains. We will explore ways to stock your kitchen to make meals come together quickly.

Due to COVID-related safety concerns, supermarket tours are temporarily suspended. 

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Smart Shopping

60-75 Minutes / $75
How It Works

Designed to take the confusion (and frustration!) out of grocery shopping, customized to your needs.  We will meet at a supermarket of your choice* and go through the aisles together highlighting affordable, convenient and nourishing whole plant-based options to fit your daily goals and needs.  

*Tours are only offered in Morris County,

New Jersey

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