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4 Steps to Stress-Free Dinners

Does planning family meals feels like an insurmountable task?

I’m here to help. All the recipes in the world won't be of any use for getting dinner on the table easier and faster if you don't have a plan. I have 4 steps to help you lay out a week of stress-free dinners with simple ingredients that you know your family enjoys. Let's get started!


STEP 1: Make a list of "Dinners We Like To Eat". What are your family favorites that you can make in your sleep? These are your go-tos on busy week nights. STEP 2: Make a list of "Foods We like To Eat". Download my free template, which includes a list of suggestions for each category to inspire you:

  • Proteins: (ex chicken, fish, turkey)

  • Colorful Non-Starchy Veggies: (ex: green beans, carrots, broccoli)

  • Starchy Choices: (ex: rice, pasta, sweet potatoes)

  • Healthy Fats: (ex olive oil, avocado)

STEP 3: It's time to create a game plan. Pick a day to set aside 15 minutes. Take out your calendar. Think about your upcoming week:

  • Do you need leftovers for a certain day? Write LEFTOVERS in for that night.

  • Is there a night that you need a quick turn around? Plug in an easy favorite meal.

  • For each remaining day select a main protein from Step 2- ex: chicken, ground turkey, fish, shrimp, beans, eggs, tofu….

  • Plug in a veggie: ex: carrots, broccoli, frozen vegetable medley, green beans, zucchini….

  • Plug in a starchy choice: ex: potato, sweet potato, pasta, rice, quinoa…

  • Include a healthy fat: ex olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds…

  • Pick a cooking technique (bake, grill, slow cooker, skillet, stir fry...) See my dinner planning template for more ideas.

  • What else will you need? Once you pick a technique, it will bring to mind what other ingredients you need to bring that meal together.

Guess what? You now have a shopping list and your dinner planning for next week is done!

If planning dinner for the week is your pain point, reach out to me and together we can create a practical plan to help you turn this around from overwhelming to a piece of cake!



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