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5/5/2020 - Taco Tuesday Meets Cinco de Mayo!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

In the year of the coronavirus, Cinco de Mayo finally falls on Taco Tuesday. There is a chuckle (or at least a smile!) to be found in the irony here.

After 6 (or is it 7?) weeks of plotting and planning how to keep dinner interesting with what I have in my fridge, this one is a no-brainer.

The thing I love about tacos is that they are so easy to personalize. Who in your family enjoys crunchy hard shell? A soft whole grain tortilla? Or a simple lettuce leaf wrap? It's easy to have all the options out on taco night so everyone can make their favorite. If you are looking for a new idea you might try this delicious Quick Turkey Tacos recipe

While I love using recipes, during this time when we are trying NOT go out to the supermarket to pick up a few special ingredients, I encourage you to use Taco Tuesday to clean out your fridge.

Here's how to use what you have:

Scavenge your produce drawer

What veggies are rolling around in that bin and have to be used up before they go bad? Chop up carrots, zucchini, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers. Don't forget flavor boosters like onion, garlic or scallions, a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime if you have one.

Shred leftover proteins

Cooked chicken, beef or pork go great here. Fish is a natural whether leftover, or canned from the pantry. How about some plant proteins like canned beans, or a batch of baked tofu. Never baked tofu before? Take a look at this Sheet Pan Tofu & Veggie Fajitas recipe for this simple and easy technique. I guarantee that you will have a new favorite batch cook technique to turn whole foods into fast foods.

Break open that spice cabinet

Toss warmed chicken, meat, fish, beans or tofu with a little olive oil and fresh or dried spices.

Favorite combinations:

  • Cumin + garlic powder + onion powder

  • Oregano + garlic powder + chili powder

  • Cumin + chili powder + cilantro (fresh or dried)

Challenge yourself to use that spice jar, you know the one way in the back, that's never been opened. What do you have to lose?

Enjoy Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo. I hope this helps to bring a little fun and deliciousness to your day.

Be well.



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