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Easy Ingredient Swaps for Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

When you think about getting started with weight loss, do you dread the huge diet overhaul? Do you brace yourself for never cooking your family’s favorite meal again? Have you sadly contemplated a day without your favorite afternoon snack?

Sweeping changes can be overwhelming and frequently unsustainable. Losing weight AND keeping it off is about creating new habits that work with your busy, messy, “I didn’t see this day coming” life.

I like to start with ADDING more vegetables. Simple swaps, delicious and easy, can jump start your confidence. Packed with nutrition but not calories, vegetables are my weight-loss heroes. Filling up on veggies is a healthy way to displace other foods on your plate that are not working for your weight loss goals.

Here are a few of my favorite swaps that you can start TODAY!

  • Rice with dinner? Swap it out with a lower calorie, lower carb frozen cauliflower rice.

  • Lunch on the go? Ditch the bread. Wrap your favorite sandwich fixings in a lettuce or Swiss chard leaf (this works for family taco night too!)

  • Do salty potato chips call you? Try higher protein and higher fiber roasted chickpeas or low-carb friendly parmesan crisps to get your crunchy salt fix. A cupped palmful will do the trick.

  • Love pasta? Pick up a spiralized vegetable from the produce section. Try this delicious Lemon Garlic Zucchini “Noodle” recipe from my meal plans. It’s a Friday night staple in our house!


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