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Finding Your Own Path To Healthy Eating PLUS Downloadable Pantry Essentials List

In this 3 part series, we will talk about actionable steps

to creating your own path for healthy eating.

Ditch the diets that used to work, but never for long. Let go of your quest for that perfect week where you imagine you can make all the “right” food choices. Let go of comparing yourself to others.

Imagine creating a sustainable path forward customized to your day-to-day life, filled with the foods you enjoy.

The steps DO NOT rely on eating at home for every meal, or following a food list, or having a perfect day. Instead, I want you to problem solve. Experiment with adapting to whatever the day holds, wherever you are. The more that you practice creating healthy eating opportunities in your day, the more progress you will make towards your goals, sustainably.

Step 1: Create An Environment For Success

Home, work, car, social situations like celebrations or restaurants, vacations…these are food environments where, with a little planning and problem solving, you can successfully navigate healthy choices with success.

Home: To set yourself up for success ask yourself 2 questions.

  • Are there foods in my kitchen that act as a trigger for over-indulging? (Oreos I’m talking to you!) Toss them out, or plan NOT to restock them. If you have family members that love these types of foods, buy options that don’t tempt you.

  • What healthier options to ADD that you will enjoy? Think about your what it would be like to have your favorite yogurt and dips like hummus and colorful veggies in your refrigerator available for a decision-less snack. What if your stocked your freezer with frozen berries and spinach for quick smoothies, or home cooked dinners (a life-saver for a busy week!) Download my free Pantry and Kitchen Essentials Guide for more delicious ingredient ideas.

  • Check out my December post on stress-free family dinners

Work Environment: Pack healthy rescue snacks at your desk to manage hunger when meetings cut into lunch time, or for when you hit that 4pm slump. Ideas: fruit, small bags of nuts/seeds, protein bars or protein drinks.

Long Car Trips: Stocking the car with a packed cooler will help you to manage your hunger so that when you hit the next rest stop, you don’t load up on sugary, salty snacks near the register. Ideas: Turkey and veggie wraps, yogurt, low fat cheese, whole grain crackers, apples, trail mix.

Dining Out: Create your healthy environment by balancing any meal, with a side salad or extra cooked veggies. These fill you up and will help you to cut down on larger portions of fried, fatty foods like french fries or cheesy nachos, or that extra slice of pizza.

Celebrations: To guarantee a healthy option in this environment, offer to bring a dish- a veggie platter with dip or fruit bowl are easy wins. Practice scanning and planning. Scan for healthy options to fill 3/4 of your plate with - veggies, fruit, lean proteins. Plan to fill the last ¼ of your plate with something fun and special! If it is dessert, choose fresh fruit when available, saving a small space on your plate for your favorite indulgence.

In the next few weeks, practice creating your environments for success. You will be surprised to find that sticking to your goals of healthy eating is possible no matter where you are.

Next months blog: How to stop the brain drain around food choices.

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