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Holiday Hacks: 3 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The holidays look a lot different for most of us this year: holiday parties, school concerts, family gatherings, shopping, and vacations may not be happening quite the same way - yet somehow we will all still be VERY busy. Give yourself the gift of taking some shortcuts to take some of the pressure off so you can relax and be merry [because nobody wants a scrooge in the kitchen].

Go Semi-Homemade

Clearly, I am all for home-cooked meals, but sometimes taking shortcuts can turn a potential take-out night into a total kitchen win. For example:

  • Grab a rotisserie chicken and incorporate it into soups or chilis so you can reap the benefits of high-quality protein without spending extra time cooking it. Pair with a delicious vegetable side like this Sesame Ginger Broccoli, or shred the chicken and stuff lettuce leaves with a squeeze of lime for lunch. Try this delicious Chicken Hummus Lettuce Wrap next time you have leftovers.

  • Start with your favorite frozen pizza dough, then add your favorite jarred sauce and vegetable toppings plus a sprinkle of flavorful cheese to make it a meal!

  • Buy pre-chopped produce, especially those hard-to-manage vegetables (ahem, squash) that are more time-intensive to prepare. Toss with a tablespoon of olive oil and roast for a side dish or added to salads during the week.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Batch cooking is an efficient way to keep up with your healthy eating goals no matter what time of year. It essentially means cooking more than what you need in the moment so you can take advantage of having all of your cooking tools and gadgets out (read: it’s way more efficient!). Not to be confused with leftovers, batch cooking usually refers to one component so you can repurpose it later. For instance:

  • Need rice or quinoa or brown rice for your Monday night meal? Make a large batch so you can easily incorporate it in salads and grain bowls all week long. Hint: Leftover grains make a perfect freezer item!

  • Making hard-boiled eggs? It takes the same amount of time to make six as it does to make two. Enjoy as a snack, crumble into salads, or mash with some avocado.

  • Baking sweet potatoes? Make a few more than you need. Slice into thin planks and use as your "bread" in the morning with eggs, or topped with almond butter, sliced banana & cinnamon. Chop up and add to lunch salads. You can also purée or mash the flesh for baked goods and use in place of pumpkin in a recipe.

Sheet Pan and One Pot Meals

Raise your hand if your least favorite part of cooking is the clean up. Make it easier on yourself by searching for one-dish meals to seriously cut down on time spent doing the dishes. Here are a few to get you started:


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